Monday, September 21, 2009

Size Does Matter 101

Size Does Matter

Size Does Matter, because men give the highest importance on their penis size. For them, size really does matter. Some men really do have a problem, and have a real reason to want a bigger penis. Some people may not agree & say that we should all be happy with what we are born with. Ask any man that is not quite so well endowed & he will tell you that size does matter. After many years of chatting honestly with women, they also say that size really does matter & they usually only say the old thing about performance simply so that the man does not have his feelings hurt.

So what are the Penis Enlargement Methods available to increase penis size {both the length and girth}. There are several penis enlargement methods & they include surgery, pills and dietary supplements and penis traction devices. What is the good & the bad of these methods? Are they really worth the time that is required to achieve the results that are desired? Are they really worth the sometimes substantial amount of money that is asked? Are the natural penis enlargement methods effective?

So, a few thoughts below for all those considering penis enlargement options. Have a long hard {pun intended} think about the options below prior to any choice.


In these modern times that we live, many medical doctors are encouraging men to engage in penis enlargement by surgery. Surgery is permanent, of course, for better or for worse that is. Through surgery, A penis can be enlarged by about an inch or so. The surgeon will cut the ligaments that hold the penis in its usual position to allow the penis to descend {my eyes water at the thought}. Now think about this for just a moment. Would you extend your fingers by cutting the ligaments loose? Do you really think that they would they still work as expected?

After the surgery, a penis enlargement device will need to be used for several months to aid in achieving a permanent increase in size. The next thought that comes to my mind is what’s the point of having surgery if a penis extender will be used afterwards? The surgical procedure may also produce a scar tissue, the erection will point down {Ah, wrong direction guys}, and the base of the penis will be hairy.

Yet another type of surgical technique that may be an option is known as a dermal implant. The Girth and length of the penis can be increased by transplanting fat cells from other parts of the body to the penis. Because the size of penis head cannot be increased relative to the size of the shaft, the results can be visually rather odd.

Sometimes the distribution of the grafted cells results in clumping and a really nasty appearance!


Some say that pills can make your penis larger in just a few short weeks! Do they really work? Are they just a scam looking for easy Prey with men that have a problem?

Vitamins are good for you of that there is no doubt. but there’s no pills that have been scientifically proven to increase your penis size. Advertisments claiming amazing, and at times unbelievable results that can be achieved by using pills leave the informed almost speechless & convey the unbelievable. Not really any need to waste your time and money. No pill on the market at this time has had any permanent effect on increasing the size of a penis.

Penis Stretchers & Penis Traction Devices.

So, do penis stretchers/ traction devices really work & how do they operate?

Penis stretcher devices or penis extenders are devices that are designed to apply a continuous stretching force to the penis. Think about the term traction, & think of the people that you may heard of that have been in spinal traction. Same principle applies here, but everything is smaller.

Penis stretching devices apply traction via bars between an anatomically curved base that fits at the base of the penis, and a band that slips off the head of the penis. If you follow all of the instructions, they are definitely a lot safer to use compared to surgery that leaves permanent scars and possibly also damaged tissue. Penis stretchers work, and they are a lot more gentle on your body. It is advisable that prior to using any traction device that you also practice a little manscaping.

Penis stretchers do work better than pills! A quality penis traction device is anatomically designed, safe to use, non-invasive device that has been proven to really add inches to your penis. The only thing that you have to do is just follow the directions & be surprised with the great results!

For more information you may want to check out my other hubs. While you are there, you will also find a lot of links to other sites that give you a lot of information, so that you will be able to make an infomed choice.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Penis Enlargement Methods

Ok, lets be honest here. We have all thought about it at some stage in our lives. we have all seen or heard about the man that is hung like a horse. Some of us have genuine reasons to be concerned about the size that we have, the rest of us would just like to be a little bit larger. We all know that size really does matter. Ask any woman, & if they are being honest, they will admit that size matters. Oh, they will be polite & say that it is the performance that really counts, but secretly, they would love a larger than average lover.

So, what are the available options? What are the good points & the not so good points with the different methods available. When it comes down to the truth on Penis enlargement, most people think of spam email, credit card scams & fraud. To some degree, this is true. There are companies & marketers out there that will stop at nothing to separate you from your cash. However, it is the old story of a few dishonest people that stuff it up for those honest & genuine companies that are genuinely trying to help people.

Lets have a quick look at some of the various methods available to us today. There really are only a few methods that are available on the market today to give you a bigger penis. Some of the methods are dangerous, and some are just not effective.

Vacuum Pumps - they just do not work.

The pump operates by inserting the penis into a tube with a seal. The air around the penis is then removed. This causes a negative pressure within the tube {around the penis} & so pulls blood & lymphatic fluid into the penis & inflates it. The complete process will take about 1 minute. The problems with pumps, as soon as you remove the penis from the pump tube, the penis wants to revert to normal size. This can be slowed somewhat with the use of a constriction ring at the base of the penis, but is usually only sufficient for the process of insertion & maybe a position change. after this, it needs to be pumped up again. Because pumps draw blood into the penis, making it larger, they can be useful to treat impotence. Pumps create the illusion of a larger penis, but the results are not permanent. If the pump is used on a regular basis, damage to the penis can occur to the elastic tissues in the penis, meaning that future erections are less firm. Not exactly ideal.

Oils, Pills , Lotions, Patches, Creams, & other Potions....

They do not work !! It is that simple. They usually contain various different Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, & Hormones that claim to enlarge the penis. None of the products has been scientifically proven to have any effect on enlarging your penis. As a worst case scenario, you could have an allergic reaction to the product, And it is also possible to overdose. Please be very careful, and if you have a negative reaction, contact your nearest poisons centre. Explain exactly what is in the product that you use. Be very specific, with what is written on the bottle, & the amount that you consumed, or rubbed onto your skin.


Surgery does work, but it can be very risky. Some surgeons have developed various different methods to make a penis larger. None of the methods has been endorsed by any medical organization. The American Urological Association, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons have all issued policy statements against cosmetic surgical procedures to enhance the penis. Studies involving men that have had cosmetic surgery to enhance the penis have shown that the majority were not happy with the results. Some men have also had to have corrective surgery to rectify the deformities caused by the original surgery. At best, the gain was only about half an inch to the length of a flaccid penis. Some men reported a shorter penis, loss of sensitivity, & abnormal lumps. The cost can be as much as $10,000. It is very rare for cosmetic surgery to be covered by health insurance, so you would probably have to wear the cost yourself. Best to check with your health insurer first.

Penis Exercises

Penis exercises do work. However they do take time. They are very inexpensive, safe & effective method to enlarge your penis. Do not expect to see immediate results. Penis exercises have been in use for a long time, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years. The exact time is not known due to there being no formal research into this area. The benefits of Penis exercise is that you can end up with a longer, & thicker penis. as a bonus, you also get to learn more about your body and so also help improve your sex life.

Traction devices & Jelqing devices

These devices take the guess work out of Penis exercises. You might say that they are the deluxe version. They are more expensive than a simple exercise program, however the results are better, & generally faster. If you have the need to be able to see that something is happening and want faster results, then this is what you need.

So. Do you feel the need to learn more ?

Here are a few sites that you might like to have a look at to learn more. I know that prior to handing over any cash, I would want to learn more about the options available, & then make an informed choice.

You can check out my Blog on my profile page at MySpace. While you are on the MySpace site, have a look at the site of The Health Centre. A few other places are Size Genetics & Penis Advantage. You may also like to check out the Blog at Hubpages & Wordpress

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Start Of It All

Hi Everybody. Welcome to my Blog.

First I will introduce myself, so that you can all get to know me a little better.
My name is Paul Marshall. I live in beautiful Brisbane here in Australia. I'm a single dad, & live with my 4 year old son. I also have 2 older sons from a previous marriage, but they live with their mother. They are aged 17 & 16.

I am a Diesel Fitter by trade, & also have qualifications as Heavy Road Transport Mechanic, & Motor Mechanic. At the finish of my first trade, I then joined the Australian Army, where I served for 15 years. Originally starting my time as a Vehicle Mechanic, then becoming more specialised and becoming a Recovery Mechanic. I did enjoy my time in the Army, but felt that after 15 years, it was time to leave. I noticed that some of my peers that had served longer, were now at the stage where they were almost afraid to leave, as they knew no other type of life.

After the Army I went to work on a strawberry farm for a season. Now I know that may sound a little odd, but believe me it really does make sense. After 15 years in the Army, the thought of working in the middle of a field of Strawberries, with nobody yelling at me, well it sounded attractive. All was well for a while, I was working long days, but being paid quite well for my efforts. Then the owner of the farm discovered that I was a qualified Diesel Fitter / Mechanic, and put me to work in his shed to maintain all of the farm equipment. This sounded quite good at first, until the realisation that I would be on the award wage, which was less than I was getting as a picker. Hmmmm... not such a good move !! At the finish of the season, I moved on.

Since that time I have worked in various different types of occupations. I worked 1 year in the Realestate industry. I found this to be interesting & life changing. However, it just was not for me! I then worked for 2 1/2 years driving a Taxi in the Brisbane area. I totally enjoyed doing this, but the money is not as good as most people think. I then worked as a Groundsman at a school. My eyes were well & truely opened about how we as a society raise our children. Sorry to say it, but we are raising a generation of children that have little or no respect for others. They are fundamentally lazy and seem to think that everything in life should be simply handed to them.

While doing all of this, I have been learning about the internet, & how to earn cash by useing the resources available. I think I can honestly say that I have found almost every scam that is out there. Of all of them, I was either a victim, or know someone who was scammed. I learn that there really is no instant cash to be made! There is no instant millionair formulae! There is no way to lose weight instantly! There is no way to increase your penis size instantly! There is no way to increase your bank account instantly! So here is a revelation for all of you. All of these things are actually possible. The truth is though, you will actually be required to do some WORK. The truth is that they will take TIME & they will also require that you use some EFFORT. There is NOTHING in this world that is FREE.

So, What is this Blog all about then?? Well, I am sick of seeing all the crap on the net. I figure that it is about time for some good old fashioned HONESTY. So after the years of frustrations, I will put some of the things here that I have learned. I will place links here on a number of different subjects. The links will be for products or services that actually WORK. Hey, how about that. I've actually done a lot of the hard work for you. The links are for products that will either save you cash, or improve your life. Products as varied as safe Penis Enlargement, Weight Loss, Affiliate Programms & Car Servicing. Some of them will even be to other blog sites at places like MySpace, & Hubpages. I am simply going to give you information so that you can make an informed choice prior to giving away any of your hard earned cash. What you do with the information, well that is your choice.

OK, here we go then. I have a profile on MySpace, once there you can check out my blog there. While you are there, you might also like to see my friends at The Health Centre. On those MySpace sites, you will find information in the blogs about the Weight Loss products available from Zotrim, Proactol, & Fat Burning Furnace. If you are looking for information on gaining some size to your Penis, you will also find information from Penis Health & Penis Advantage.

On a slightly different note, if you live in South East Queensland here in Australia, I am sure that you probably have a car. I have no doubt that your car does require a service on a regular basis. Drop in to my mates at Auto Plus Queensland. They also have a MySpace profile, you will find the details about what they can offer to save you some serious cash on your annual servicing bill. Check them out & give Bob a call.

If you are looking to earn some cash. I personally can not say enough good things about the Affiliate programme at More Niche. The products availabe are very good, with great commisions paid & fantastic percentage of people retuning to re purchase.

Now I know that there are a few typos in this Blog. Please understand that this does not mean that I am not able to spell. It simply means that I am human, because I am doing this with a 4 year old boy sitting on my lap. So, you know that I am just like you. I also try to do lots of things at the same time, including juggling a little boy while trying to do a bit of work.

I hope everybody finds this information of use, and please feel most welcome to comment.